LED Application

Wednesday, May 10th 2017.


1. Office Lighting
Lighting is a key factor in the office environment, where it contributes to each employee’s ability to work effectively and more efficiently by promoting emotional well-being, safety and alertness. A well-planned lighting strategy will help your people work to the best of their abilities, providing the right level of comfort and ambiance so that they are less fatigued nd more focused on the tasks at hand.

2. LED lighting solutions are flexible enough to accomplish these goals in a range of office types, from open or closed rooms and meeting halls to lobbies and utilities. In addition to helping your bottom line, our solutions also ensure your office is environmentally safe and a healthier place to work in.

o The lack of IR and UV rays means the light LEDs generate is healthier and less harsh, putting employees at ease letting them work better and healthier;

o The pure white light better brings out the details of the office decor, subtly improving aesthetics that your clients will notice;

o The low operating temperature and long life helps reduce air conditioning and maintenance costs, helping businesses save money.

o Made with non-toxic materials, LED lighting brings your office into the green era of sustainable business, heightening your brand image.

Suitable for reception and lobby areas, conference rooms, the general workplace
and corridors.

3. Store & Cafe Lighting
Every shop must create and maintain a distinct identity that allows it to stand out, to be unique in some way. Lighting is one element used in creating that identity, allowing shop owners to show off merchandise in dramatic or straightforward ways, whatever you need to attract customers, persuade them to take a closer look, and provide visual comfort while they browse.

4. With the right lighting strategy, you can guide and direct visitors’ attention to hot new items, let them appreciate the quality, and serve as an example of the best way to arrange or display the items in their own home. To this end, LED lighting is the most effective means of catching shoppers’ attention and persuading them to buy, while also elevating your brand image.

o Provides a wide range of color options and lighting styles that produce no heat, IR or UV light, which is important for preventing damage to fresh goods and fruit, or to historic art work that requires carefully controlled environments.

o High color rendering index – good color reproduction

o Highly efficient and long-lasting, helps cut down significantly on maintenance
and electricity costs, improving the shop’s bottom line.

o As a mercury-free solution, shop owners will also be helping the environment
by choosing LEDs.

o Highly efficient and long-lasting, helps cut down significantly on maintenance
and electricity costs, improving the shop’s bottom line.

Perfect for window, general merchandise, and new product displays, as well as
product showrooms.

5. Industrial Lighting
A comfortable work environment is critical to optimizing worker productivity, improving both the quality and quantity of output. Lighting plays an important role in creating such an environment, as good light makes the workplace safer and less tiring, meaning fewer accidents, lower fault and reject levels and better overall productivity. A well-lit workplace also means happier employees who appreciate the space in which they work.

6. What defines high quality lighting? It means having enough light to see one’s work area clearly; it means no glare; it means the best uniformity of color, and illuminating with the right color; and nowadays it also means lighting that is efficient, long-lasting and good for the environment, which is what makes LED lighting an ideal choice:

o High quality, no IR and UV rays, low heat and glare-free light creates greater comfort and allows workers to see what they’re doing more clearly and with less eye strain. It’s also healthier for humans; Without toxic substances such as mercury, there is no risk to people or the environment;

o Long life spans and lower energy requirements help industrial facilities cut down on electricity costs, further improving the bottom line.
Warehouses, general factories, electronics assembly plants and most general industry buildings can benefit greatly by upgrading to LEDs.

7. Interior Design Lighting
An elegant interior is a waste of space if not properly illuminated, which is why choosing the right source of light is critical to creating the right atmosphere for your space, whether it’s an office, art exhibition, spa or social club. With growing concerns about the environment and how we use our energy, it is also becoming an important part of any company’s image to use the most efficient and environmentally friendly lighting, which is LED lighting.

8. And not only are our lighting
solutions green and efficient, they’re the most beautiful as well. LED lighting solutions enhance high-end interior locations by establishing a precise mood and atmosphere using a subtle combination of lighting types and colors to let
interior spaces realize their full potential.

o Heat-free operation and long life spans minimize energy and maintenance costs, while crisp, cool or soft, warm light create a sophisticated, elegant, highly customized look;

o LED lighting contains no mercury, making them environmentally friendly and safer to use;

o Pure white light without IR or UV rays creates a more comfortable environment, and is healthier too.

High-end bars, boutique stores, five-star restaurants and top-level executive office
spaces can benefit greatly from LED lighting.

9. Residential lighting
Lighting in residential areas serves many purposes, from cultivating an inviting and friendly atmosphere to creating a safe, secure environment where residents can feel comfortable to move around freely. Nowadays creating a sustainable, eco-friendly living environment is also of great importance, making the lighting choice all the more significant.


o With LED lighting, residential areas can add reliable lighting that casts an excellent color on the surroundings; whether in crisp cool tones or soft, warm ones, is your choice. Furthermore the lack of IR and UV rays increases comfort, enhances clarity and is healthier for residents;

o Because LEDs contain no toxic substances such as mercury, they’re a sustainable solution and a great way for residential complexes to go green.

o The high energy efficiency and long life span also help reduce costs, adding to their sustainability while helping home and property owners save money on operating costs.

Apartment complexes, condominiums, private homes and any other kind of residential area will look better and be a safer place to live with LED lighting.

11. Hospitality Lighting

For hotels and other establishments that take customer service very seriously, lighting plays an important role in creating a visually comforting and appealing environment. External decorative lighting is crucial to drawing attention, while indoor
lighting must be finely tuned to create a safe, pleasant, and luxurious atmosphere.


o LED lighting solutions are well-suited for all these roles because they offer superb color accuracy and customization and do not emit IR or UV light, which eliminates harshness, increases guest comfort, and is healthier as well;

o Extraordinary energy efficiency, long life spans and heat-free operation severely cut down on hotel maintenance and energy costs;

o Brings hotels into a new era of sustainability, creating greener and human friendly environments by eliminating the presence of mercury from all lighting applications.

Hotel lobbies and guest rooms, bars, restaurants and corridors are all perfect areas
for LED lighting solutions.

13. Advertising Solutions
LED lighting is the best, most efficient and environmentally friendly way to backlight light box signage, whether to accurately display corporate logos or general advertising.


o As the most energy efficient option, signage users will pay lower energy costs than on light boxes employing fluorescent tube backlighting, and the longer life spans means less downtime and maintenance, increasing ROI.

o LED lighting is also environmentally safe, containing no mercury or other toxic
substances that can be found in fluorescent lighting.

o And because no IR or UV light is produced, your advertising content will
actually look more naturally lit, achieving better light distribution that appears
more pleasing to the eye.

o Suitable for logo and advertising light boxes.

Other Lighting Applications
LED lighting can breathe new life a range of public areas and corridors – Government facilities can quickly be modernized, presenting a fresh and more welcoming face to the public, while school classrooms become more comfortable learning environments, letting students focus better, see more clearly, and study harder.
Hospitals can even take on a calmer atmosphere, letting patients and doctors feel more at ease.

High efficiency and long life spans cut down on energy usage and maintenance costs, making public facilities less expensive to operate, which tax payers will appreciate;
No IR and UV light produced, so public officials and other workers will stay healthier, feel more comfortable, and are more productive;
Mercury-free LED lighting makes government buildings more environmentally friendly and modernizes a city or town’s image.
From hospitals to schools, exhibition halls to city halls and libraries, LED lighting is the
best way to bring any public facility into the 21st century.

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